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Our Services

Sanding and Refinishing

This process is for existing hardwood floors that are heavily worn with deep scratches and stains. Refinishing your hardwood floor means we strip off the existing finish or paint, by sanding the floor with increasingly finer grits of sandpaper, then apply wood filler to the entire floor, then buff it to a beautifully smooth surface, we then apply a stain to modify the colour of your hardwood or a choice of sealers for the natural look after that we apply multiple coats of polyurethane finish while buffing in between each coat, an available choice of sheens include matt, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss. Another option for finish is a a natural oil, these increasingly popular finishes are known for their easy maintenance and beautifully natural look . At Boardwalk Custom Wood Floors we use the best available machinery operated by seasoned professionals and we always use the most durable floor finishing products available.

Buff/Screen and Recoating

This procedure is a very minimal abrasion of your floor that removes many scratches, but does not sand through the existing finish to bare wood. This procedure will not eliminate heavy gauges, scratches, or dark stains. Buffing and coating is a great procedure for people who have a pre-finished floor that has a wear-layer that is too thin to be refinished. This is particularly common for many pre-finished hand scraped floors. Often the only option for these floors besides total replacement is buffing and coating the floor. If you have a factory finished floor, we may need to evaluate the floor for adhesion potential prior to committing to the procedure because many aluminum oxide or wax finishes can be problematic for successful adhesion.

Hardwood Installation

When installing your new hardwood floor we prepare the sub-floor (remove existing flooring, remove debris), lay down quality underlayment that prevents wood rubbing against wood that produces squeaking, then install quality hardwood flooring to your specifications. We always leave a of an inch space along the perimeter (walls) to allow for expansion and contraction, therefore the baseboards need to be removed prior to flooring installation and put back after, this process is important to prevent any damage to your flooring during humid conditions.

Hardwood Floor Repairs and Tie-ins

One of the greatest things about hardwood floors is their ability to have board changes and sections added on seemlessly. Even if a wall is removed in the middle of the room or the floor has been badly damaged, it can be seemlessly patched-in and refinished and look as though it never occurred. Repairs can even be done in pre-finished floors without the need to refinish as long as matching boards are available.


We refinish and install stair treads, risers and other trim work related to staircases. For installation, there is a wide range of styles including solid treads or tongue and groove flooring with a matching nosing. Custom nosings can be made out supplied or matching wood in many different nosing profiles (sample nosing profiles available). We glue and nail-down stairs to reduce any squeaking to occur. Stair risers are generally made out of 1/4" matching wood veneer plywood but can also be made out of the solid hardwood material or painted mdf.

Check out our video to see a closer look at some of our refinishing procesess!